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No, not at this time. The "Auction Center" is located 4 miles East of Vassar at 3960 W. Saginaw Rd., Vassar, and the "Main Office / Auction Warehouse" is located 1 ½ miles South of Vassar at 875 State Rd., Vassar. is an Albrecht Company that was started in 2008, originating in Vassar, MI.  You can read the company history by clicking on the "About Us" link in the "Company" drop-down menu.

Credit card verification helps to prevent the registration of faulty or fraudulent bidders, and a valid credit card verifies that a registering bidder is a real person. This security measure ensures the safety of current buyers and sellers and the integrity of auctions. All credit card information is secured and cannot be accessed by anyone inside, or outside of (PCI compliant). validates credit cards immediately upon registration. As stated above, the validation process is performed only to verify the authenticity of the card and the bidder. Validation consists of an authorization transaction of $0.00 to $0.01, depending on card type, and an immediate void of that authorization transaction. believes in providing the highest level of security when managing your information. Any questions related to validation, account security or transactions should be directed to the Account Services department, via E-mail.

  1. You can register to bid by clicking the "Register to Bid" button on the home page.
  2. Read through the "Auction Terms And Conditions" and click the "Click here to continue the registration process" link.
  3. Fill in the required information (which includes creating a password - we suggest something short and easy to remember, at least 4 characters long), submit the information, and you will instantly receive an e-mail with your permanent online bidder number.  (NOTE: If you do not receive an email, look in your spam/junk-mail folder).  If you need assistance, please call the Main Office (989.823.8835), and someone will be available to answer your questions or get you registered over the phone.

Click the "Forgot Bidder # or PW?" link at the top of the Registration form. Enter your email address in the appropriate space, click "Search," and your bidder number and password will be instantly emailed to that address. You may also call the Main Office during regular business hours at 989.823.8835.

Yes.  Your bidder number is a permanent number to be used on all online auctions.  However, your online bidder profile is not currently linked with any live auctions.


If you forget to pay for or pick up a purchase, your bidding privileges will be suspended.  You may restore bidding privileges by promptly calling the main office (989.823.8835) with payment.

No.  In order to display the current timer, bid amount and current winning bidder, you will need to click the "Refresh" button as often as is needed.  The listings will also refresh when you move from page to page or use the "Open Items" feature at the close of the auction.  (See FAQ's: "What’s the easiest way to watch the auction close?" for more information.)


During the auction: Locate the item in the auction listings to see if your bidder number is in the "Winning Bidder" column. You may also use the "Review Bids" feature to see if you are winning any items that you are currently bidding on. (See FAQ's: "Can I create a 'Watch List' of items that I'm interested in?")

After the auction ends: E-mail notifications are sent out to all winning bidders.  You may also view the auction listings after the auction has ended to see if your bidder number is in the "Winning Bidder" column (the word "ended" will appear next to the bid amount).

The "Bid Extension Period" is a feature designed to allow all bidders the opportunity to submit their highest offer without having to worry about "last second" bids.


On the final day of the auction, the bidding time remaining on an item will display below the "Maximum Bid" box.  If an item receives a bid within the last 3 minutes of its closing, bidding time will be extended on that specific item.  When bidding is extended, the countdown timer will turn red.  Bidding will close on an item when there is no more bidding activity within the bid extension period. NOTE: The "Bid Extension Period" may be longer for land auctions or offsite auctions. Please check the terms of the specified auction or call the Main Office at 989.823.8835.


Group extension will work in harmony with our existing automatic Bid Extension feature (See FAQ's: "What is a 'Bid Extension Period'?").  Albrecht Auction will sometimes group together similar items in an online auction and place them in a "Bid Extension Group."  If a bid is placed on a grouped item within the last three minutes of its closing, ALL ITEMS WITHIN THAT GROUP will receive an automatic extension of the bid time remaining!  When no more bidding has occurred on any item in a group for the specified time, all items in that group will close simultaneously. 


NOTE:  When similar items are included in a Bid Extension Group, you can bid aggressively on any one item in the group until you have met/exceeded the price you are willing to pay for that item.  You can then shift to any other item in the group without worrying that it closed out while you were aggressively bidding on another.  Items in a Bid Extension Group will be labeled with a bold "GRP," followed by a number corresponding to the other grouped items.

After an auction begins closing, you will be able to view all "Open Items" that bidding has not yet closed on.  The "Open Items" link (located towards the top center of a page of listings in the "Select Category" drop-down menu; also located just above the item listings on the right-hand side of the page) works just like a "Refresh" link, but for ALL ITEMS listed in the auction.


After you click on the "Select Category" box towards the top of any page of item listings, a menu will drop down.  Click on "ALL OPEN ITEMS" and only items currently open for bidding will display on the page.  NOTE: The "Open Items" category/link appears ONLY AFTER the auction begins closing.

A typical online consignment auction will be open 4 days for bidding.  Dates will be listed on the Auctions Calendar page and in the terms of each auction.  Most auctions feature staggered closing times (not all items will close at the same time).  This allows bidders the opportunity to watch and bid on more items during the closing of the auction.

The "Countdown Timer" and the "Refresh" link will only appear on the final day of bidding.  They will be located to far right of an individual item's current bid amount.

You must first bid on an item in order for it to be placed on your "Watch List."  After entering your login information, click "Review Bids" (next to the "Submit Bids" button at the bottom of a page of item listings) to review a listing of the items you have bid on.



If you have been outbid on an item, a red arrow will appear next to the "Next Required Bid" amount (You may place bids or watch an auction close from this list). If you do not want an item to appear on your "Review Bids" list, do not bid on it.  Once an item is bid on, it will be on your "Review Bids" list for the duration of the auction.

Specific preview times are listed in the terms of each auction and the auction calendar page.  It is highly recommend that you attend a scheduled preview to inspect items before bidding.  If you are not able to inspect listed items during one of our regularly scheduled preview days, feel free to call or E-mail us to verify item descriptions.

Yes.  You may raise your "Maximum Bid," even if you are the current winning bidder.  When you - as the current winning bidder - raise your "Maximum Bid," the system will alert you that "You are already the winning bidder on one (or more) items."  Click "OK" and "Submit Bids" to continue.  NOTE: When you raise your "Maximum Bid," it may or may not raise your current bid amount by one bid increment (depending on how your previous max bid was entered).  Please E-mail or call (989.823.8835) if you have any questions!

No.  If you want to place a bid of $5, you may simply enter a "5" (not "5.00") in the appropriate box.  If, however, you wanted to place a bid of $5.50, you would have to enter "5.50".  If you enter "550," you will be placing a bid of $550.  This is the number 1 bidding error that a bidders encounter, so be careful how you use (or do not use) the decimal place, and be sure to review your bid BEFORE submitting it.  Every bid placed should be considered binding.

In order to bid, you must first register (click the "Register to Bid" button on the menu at the top of the homepage).  Read through the terms, fill in the required personal information, submit it, and you will instantly receive an e-mail containing your permanent online Bidder Number.



1. Visit the homepage and click the “Current Auctions” button. 

2. Scroll through the listings to find/enter the auction you would like to participate in. 

3. Locate the item that you would like to bid on (You may find an item by using the “Keywords” search, browsing through categories, or browsing the full listings).  

4. Place your "Maximum Bid" in the box to the far right of the item listing (The column will be titled "Maximum Bid” - Scroll to the top of the page to see column headings). 

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page.  

6. Enter your Bidder Number and Password in the appropriately labeled boxes, and click "Submit Bids." 

7. Read and follow the on-screen instructions.  After agreeing to the terms of sale and verifying your bid amount (if the bid amount shown is incorrect, click “cancel bid and return to previous screen”), you may then “Submit Bid(s).”


NOTE: A "Maximum Bid" is your top-dollar bid.  When you place a "Maximum Bid," the system will bid for you (up to that top-dollar amount) as other bidders bid against you.  If the bidding stops before the bid reaches your top-dollar amount, you will purchase the item at the current bid price (which may be significantly less than the "Maximum Bid" amount you placed).  E-mail us at if you have any questions.  If you have mistakenly placed a bid, contact our Main Office (989.823.8835) as soon as possible.

A "Maximum Bid" is your top-dollar bid.  When you place a "Maximum Bid," the BidNow system will bid for you (up to that top-dollar amount) as other bidders bid against you.  If the bidding stops before the bid reaches your top-dollar amount, you will purchase the item at the current bid price (which may be significantly less than the "Maximum Bid" amount you placed).  A "Maximum Bid" is unknown to other bidders and sellers until a bid has been placed that eclipses your top-dollar amount.  Please consider placing your max bids early and allowing the BidNow system to keep you in the lead at the lowest increment possible.  This will allow you the chance to win an item, even if you are away from your computer!

If you are at any point the current winning bidder of an item, you will receive an email as soon as you have been outbid.  Once an auction begins closing, you will no longer be notified in this way.